Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Virginia Soybeans: Loopers Phasing Out, Finally

From Ames Herbert, Virginia Tech Extension Entomologist

Although there are still soybean loopers in a lot of fields, the numbers are declining. The larger worms are going into pupation and, thankfully, no new eggs are being deposited. For example, I visited several fields where last week the numbers were in the 15 to 20/15 sweep range and found only 2 or 3 larger worms remaining. Also, most of these fields were much closer to being mature enough to be in the "safe" zone. I am still getting a few calls and am referring them to last week's advisory note. One nice feature of our advisory is that it archives notes. 

To see last week's note that provides guidelines for determining the need for late season looper treatment, go to www.sripmc.org/virginia and scroll down to the Sept. 9 soybean looper note.

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