Friday, August 13, 2010

Belt Insecticide Approved For Soybeans, Other Legumes

Belt SC (flubendiamide) has just received EPA approval for use in soybean and legume vegetables (including edible-podded and succulent shelled pea and bean, dried shelled pea and bean and foliage of legume vegetables).

For controlling worm pests in soybean, the rate will be 2 to 3 oz/acre, 10 gpa minimum by ground, with a 14 day pre-harvest interval.

Belt provides a unique mode of action against lepidoteran larvae and will fit well as another non-pyrethroid option (in addition to Steward, Tracer and Larvin) in soybean. We have tested Belt at the 3 oz rate in four soybean field trials since 2008 and found that it works well against corn earworm.

From Ames Herbert, Virginia Extension Entomologist

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