Friday, August 6, 2010

Pest Treatment Activity Picks Up On Eastern Shore


Many full-season soybeans on the Eastern Shore of Virginia were sprayed for insect pests this week.

In many cases, these sprays were needed as pest numbers of spider mites, corn earworms, green cloverworms and other caterpillar pests were high. In the fields that I inspected, I saw a lot of green cloverworm, corn earworm, yellowstriped armyworm and some beet armyworms.

I did not see soybean loopers, which often are hard to kill.

Beet armyworms have also shown resistance to pyrethroids in past trials on the Eastern Shore.

A number of different insecticides were applied. Some growers sprayed Steward to combat the complex of caterpillars, while some others sprayed Orthene and a pyrethroid, such as Warrior, to combat the mix of pests. Other growers sprayed a generic Lorsban 4E, which provided efficacy against the spider mites as well as the caterpillar pests, including beet armyworms.

Let's hope our growers do not have to spray again, as these sprays were applied early in the crop, and we've still probably yet to see the major flight of corn earworms that attack the pods.

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